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(1) Medley: Kind of Loving/I. Capricorn
  (2) Nice "" Easy  
 (3) Medley: Hello/Softly, As I leave you 
     (4) Hard Hearted Hannah   
(5) The Good Life 
 (6) Baubles, Bangles and Beads  
 (7) I wish you Love   
(8) I am a Singer   
(9) For Once in my Life

(10) One for the Road
(11) My Way

CD $14.95 - Cassette $7.95

Toni Lee Scott



(1) It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy
(2) San Francisco
(3) What Now My Love
(4) One for my Baby/Goin' to Chicago Blues
(5) Ten Cents a Dance
(6) My Heart Stood Still
(7) Goody Goody
(8) Where's the boy I Saved for a Rainy Day
(9) I left my Heart in San Francisco
(10) Something Cool
(11) In the Wee Small Hours if the Morning.

CD $14.95 - Cassette $7.95

Toni Lee Scott
Vol. Lonely



A Kind Of Loving 
by Toni Lee Scott

Toni Lee Scott is a famous vocalists known to night club and TV audiences, jazz fans and pop lovers across the country. When this beautiful brunette swings into a song no one would guess that she is "handicapped."  Toni Lee Scott lost a leg in a motorcycle smash-up when she was nineteen. This is the story she tells-her journey through the black forest of despair , a battle against pain and fear by a girl whose stubborn courage would not admit to being handicapped, in body or soul.

But there's more to it than that. Toni's gutsy, earthy humor is part of her arsenal against misfortune , and you'll find yourself laughing loud and often,. There's the howlingly funny escapade with a young doctor and a Toni determined to prove she's still desirable. She does all right , but not until the shy doctor slowly winds up a zoological approach that breaks every rule in the sex's the most sidesplitting seduction on record. As Toni describes her comeback after the  disastrous accident, she gives a view of the real, unrehearsed world of entertainment. Here are headliners without grease paint. Bob Scobey, Ida Lupino, Hugh O'Brian, Mike Wallace, Johnny Carson.

Toni tells the haunting story of her friendship with James Dean-the ominous, almost occult portents of their first meeting, the quick, warm relationship that grew between them, and the shocking death of the young star in a motorcycle accident. Toni does not try to explain what happen after that to herself and another friend who loved Jimmy. She simply tells how Jimmy came back, once, twice, three times-and then no more.

Toni Lee Scott is determined to help other people like herself, and has established a foundation for that purpose. It is called M.A.R.G.E., in loving memory of a radiant thirteen-year-old girl. As you read the life of this extraordinary woman, you will see the secret of her strength, the strength that reaches out to give others courage. She calls it simply, "a kind of loving."

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